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Cold Cases

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The Cryo Killer is a short story by Jason Werbeloff. Only 20 pages, it was for sale on Amazon for USD 0.00, my absolute favorite price. For this unbelievable price, you get an almost unbelievable story. Those with failing health will be able to contract for their own early death to come back to life one day when a cure for their diseases will be available. Their age at moment of temporary, early death will be the age at which subscribers awake thanks to cryogenics.

Barker is one of the Cryo Killer’s, or a life assurance agent, names might differ. There is a need for someone to administer the present-day death so the Cryo process could begin. That’s Barker’s job. Killings are not legal. The deaths cannot be under suspicious circumstances or the bodies won’t be released to Cryo on time for the process to be administered. And the deaths cannot be ruled suicide. Out of over six hundred operations performed by Barker, he had lost only seven to verdicts of suicide.

Clients can choose how, but not when, they will die. Poisoning by lethal injection is popular. Gassing is a close second. The job Barker is working on presently involves young wife Inesa and older husband Paul. They have ordered a double killing so they might wake up in the future next to each other. Very romantic. But there is a problem. Barker falls for Inesa.

If Barker can kill Paul, not temporarily but permanently, and dispose of the body, Barker would be free to plan his future with Inesa. His friend would supply a false ID to Barker so that when a planned double killing terminated Inesa and Barker (now Paul) the “revised” couple would be turned over to the Cryo Bureau. Barker and Inesa would wake up to a happier life in the future. Barker would explain to Inesa later. The plan could succeed. Barker had such a long record of proven success.

Did it succeed? Read this short story for the “nice” surprise ending. At only twenty pages and a price of free, how can you lose?


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