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Don’t Try This (Lifestyle) At Home

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Weird Trips by Mike B. Good is all about “Travel Adventures Gone Wrong” which also happens to be the subtitle. As a self-proclaimed professional expat (and no, I do not know what that means) I found the stories appealing. I don’t consider traveling to Hawaii a foreign adventure but other than that I think the stories will appeal to those of us who travel and have extended stays abroad. I got this book from Instafreebies. A day or so later I got an email in which the author explained some of his thoughts on how this book was received by many reviewers. The email is interesting. You can get one also if you follow the Instfreebie download path.

Fun At The Beach       Ecuador, 1972             Mikey engages in “additional” spree killing to impress the innocent Shelly. This results in the demise of Achmed the spy and tour guide who sold deadly insects.

Shipwrecked    Thailand, 1993            Any travel in Southeast Asia on a watercraft of ANY size is a gamble. In this story, Mikey’s boat, the one with supplies, sank. The raft it was towing then became the survival boat. Mikey entertained all survivors with tunes from Gilligan’s Island while fending off jellyfish attacks. From other passengers.

Lizardo Goes Yachting           Hawaii, 1971              Here readers will learn nothing about the Spam dance because Mikey refuses to describe it. On the other hand, there is an entertaining lesson in etiquette about how to hitchhike on a yacht with rich people. First rule: No vomiting.

Lake Toba       Sumatra, Indonesia, 1993       Indonesia is the last place you would think to go to enjoy Nescafe Classic (coffee). At least there were plenty of cloves (kretek) cigarettes to kill the Nescafe buzz.

Sexy Suzie        Hawaii, 1971              Although meeting Suzie was fun, Mikey had admired her since his college days, he struggles in this tale to validate his true sexual identity. Suzie is no help in this. This tale doesn’t seem to really fit in a collection of expat tales. Too mainstream.

Felony Flats    Baja California, 2007             Mikey consorts with criminals, blows up the 18th hole green at a famous golf tournament and flees the country with the world’s best death insurance salesperson. (OK, he was only at the green when it blew up.) And he only left the country, he did not flee.

Happy Jose’s Disaster Tour   The Amazon, 1972    The theme in this tale, depressing to environmentalists, is that nature is trying to kill us all. Many examples are given. Nature is out for revenge.

Good Sailor    Hawaii, 1974               His friends tried to warn him about a rough channel crossing but Mikey wanted to show the Skipper what he was made of. Mikey displayed much of what he was made of on the trip described in this story.

Sailing To Malaysia    Thailand, 1993            In this final story Mikey goes on a sea adventure with a couple of other couples. Arriving in Malaysia at a KFC, the tour is one couple short. Some Brits don’t travel well, but in this case, the cause of the problem may have been Mikey’s golfing skills.

This is a work of fiction, of course. If it wasn’t, and if I were the author, I would include a note to the reading public that this work is completely fiction. Police and immigration officials monitor social media. I travel a lot. I would never write so freely about experiences that so openly celebrate the benefits of drug use especially when some of the countries noted in this work have a death penalty for drug use or possession. I am not criticizing the author for doing so, I am saying that free expression can lead to a person applying for a visa to countries mentioned in this novel receiving a surprise spelled PNG.


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