Saved by the Ghost

In Ghost Fleet, authors P. W. Singer and August Cole describe the story as “A Novel of the Next World War.” Such a predictive subtitle

Family Fights At A Funeral

Fight at a Funeral by Doctor Duke Brown and Professor Judith French is an 82-page short story set in the United States and Jamaica. I

Don’t be Snowed by Appearnces

All Agnete wanted to do was host the perfect meeting for her former school friends. She felt a need to showcase her perfect life. Being

Gone But not Forgotten

Good As Gone by Amy Gentry is a page-turner mystery about a parent’s worst nightmare; the disappearance of a child. Anna Davalos and her husband

A Nomad Comes Home

Don’t Go There by Adam Fletcher is described as “From Chernobyl to North Korea– One Man’s Quest to Lose Himself and Find Everyone Else in

Don’t Monkey With Barbara

Take the Monkeys and Run by Karen Cantwell could be described as a coming of age novel, if your age is forty-five, it’s your birthday,

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