My Father Didn’t Kill Himself, He Killed Me.

My Father Didn’t Kill Himself by Russell Nohelty is written as a series of blog posts and that alone makes it different. It is not as if a couple of teenagers wanted to write blog posts detailing a murder mystery. A teacher had assigned students to write and maintain a personal blog about their activities during their final year. Once the almost unidentified teacher makes the assignment, he disappears. Alex and Delilah will have bad things to say about the teacher and his assignment idea, but he will not interfere with the result, the blog posts we are reading. Putting myself in the teacher’s position, I would have been shocked, dismayed, and scared to see these two blogs with their content of a possible murder mystery and the on-going disintegration of two families. Scared because of possible legal problems a teacher could find him or herself in when not reporting certain confidences to proper authorities. The fear that this teacher had, one of a failed prom, doesn’t compare but it is another element of the story.

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