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VOTE NOW for the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge!

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So this is phase two of what happens after you have written your really great and individually brilliant six-word story. You submitted it (maybe on the previous Saturday) other people commented on your brilliance and perhaps parried with some of their own, and now it is Thursday (depending on your time zone). Following instructions above, you get to vote on the three you think best. I reblogged this so you can get an idea of who will be your competitors, yet colleagues when you decide to take part. Nicola gets to decide the winner (it’s her blog). And you can accumulate badges. Maybe “accumulation” is a bit strong as that would mean you consistently impress everyone all the time. For the more pragmatic, read: married folks, we know that is an impossible goal.

Check out these varied impressions of “reality.” note the URL of Nicola’s blog and watch your emails somewhere on Saturday. I continue to have problems with times and dates.

Then, submit your story. Nicola also includes a very helpful link for writing six-word stories. You will see the link in the email that announces the new challenge (did I mention it was on Saturday)?

This is mostly fun unless the muse ignores you. If that happens you will walk around all week with the prompt in your head. You will talk to your colleagues in six-word phrase bursts. It will be weird.


4 thoughts on “VOTE NOW for the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge!

  1. Thank you for the reblog Ron and your humorous narrative 😁

    I would just make one teeny correction, I don’t decide the winner, the story with the most votes always wins. The only time I ever decide is if 2nd and 3rd place are tied, then I choose the story I feel wrote the best story in six words.

    I’m looking forward to your entry this week, as usual!

    1. Sorry about that. Of course, otherwise why voting? This lack of attention to detail on my part came from my years being raised in the vicinity of Chicago where the vote counter and the decision maker were the same. Hanging chads (OK, it was Florida) can fall either way. (No, I am not making accusations of corruption. Just trying to rationalize my mistake.)

      Whether I participate or not, your weekly challenge is something I look forward to every week.

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