Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

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Oprah Rules, Almost

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The Deepest State by Oliver Willis is described by the author as a satirical epic. This makes me think I don’t know what an epic is. Because I like satire and really, really like political satire, I borrowed this book from Kindle Unlimited (KU). If I don’t like it, I’ll just remove it from my ten-book borrowed cue and it won’t cost me anything. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans. This 46-page short read was published in 2018. With political satire, I think it important to keep publication dates in mind. To restate the obvious, things with The Donald move fast as do the interpretations that derive from Donald Events.

In a prologue, a side-lined Biden begins our story as he recalls the glory days of being a special operations hero and model for all action heroes to emulate. He especially remembered rescuing John Kerry from a jungle prison. It was good that Kerry had remembered to bring arrows. But that was long ago.

In the present, it seems that there might really be a conspiracy to unseat The Donald. Who would have suspected that Pence was an Obama agent? It is no surprise the Clintons are in play. Even Melania loved The Donald’s pain. But Oprah? How did she figure into this? And who would have suspected Kelly Anne and The Vlad?

The distaff side seems to be on top in this story of conspiracy about who really runs the world. Even Boris Johnson, the Queen (England, not the rock group) and Theresa May have a role. As does Steve Bannon.

This is a fun short read but be sure to bring your cultural references. It helps to know a bit of history. This is not a book for learners of English as a Second Language. Still, it is fun for those who love to poke fun at the powers that be, the powers that were, and the powers who think they are powers (even though not elected and not chosen by anyone other than themselves).


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