A Writer’s Horror Experience With Writing

Imagine yourself a successful, published author. You have had at least one book that soared to the top and you liked the feeling of being number one. Money is no longer a problem; you have an upper-class lifestyle that includes people who work for you so that you don’t have to do routine stuff. Others buy and prepare food, make appointments, and plan your daily schedule. There are not many helpers and you don’t want many. Margaret is one important helper acting as both an agent and a close friend. Your lawyer plays an important legal role but is also a friend. Your editor is your fiercest critic but is also a friend; she criticizes your writing, not you. Other people are not important, and you prefer the company of self. Your only need is to write another best-selling novel. The muse is arriving less frequently these days. One day Margaret arrives with the muse in human form, Alex. He is perfect.

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