It Is A Dog’s Life

Wait for the Light by Erin Adams has three identifiable stories. The first is about the life of an assistant to a celebrity. A reader is exposed to the complexities of this kind of life which I equate to the life of a freelancer or entrepreneur, a person living by wits in the hope of a sustainable income. I liked this story. The second story relates to alcohol and drug dependency. There are several good glimpses into the life of several characters’ addictions. Some are real, and thus painful. Some are fake with an agenda loosely related to dependency. I liked these stories. The third is about animal rights, specifically dogs. I found this third story overdone and I did not empathize with characters at this stage. Readers who emulate some of the actions described could be seriously hurt physically. There is also a legal ethics question. As might be guessed, I didn’t like this third story.

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