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A Collection to Keep

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Nightmare Waiting & Other Dark Stories by Glenn McGoldrick is a collection of ten short stories published in 2017. Some are available as stand-alone short stories. I have previously read and reviewed several of them. Cod Beck, Horseshoe Bend, Dark Progression, Leaving the Table, Just Keep Walking, and Nightmare Waiting were memorable in their stand-alone versions. McGoldrick writes short stories with a twist that is many times so subtle that a reader may ask “Where is the twist?” If a reader gets through a story and has this question, read the story again. The tales are worth it. In this collection, there were only a few stories I hadn’t read. Revisiting the others was pleasant. What follows are my very brief comments on each story.

Somewhere In England           If you are going to pick up hitchhikers, be selective. This is one you might want to pass up. On the other hand, she is selective.

Horseshoe Bend                      This was a trip he wanted to take again. Maybe the outcome would be different from the one a year ago.

Junior Partner                        Mattyboy as tired of being bullied. He was about to do something that would assure Hendo would never again bully him.

Poor Mr. Tibbles                     This is a literal and figurative illustration of “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Cod Beck                                 Disputing the idea that you can’t go home again, Ken decided to visit the place of his childhood memories. If he hadn’t received the letter, he probably wouldn’t have.

Not Coming Back                    After reading about this incident, think again about fake news.

Dark Progression                    It doesn’t seem logical to go back after coming to this point.

Leaving The Table                  Life goes on until it doesn’t but that is no reason to be impolite. Explanations are in order.

Just Keep Walking                  Derek had not done a good job raising Harry. He was about to make up for it.

Nightmare Waiting                  Can a debt be paid in dreams? This story will present an interesting suggestion.

Many of the stories in their stand-alone versions were available almost free on Kindle Unlimited (KU). Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans I bought this selection at USD 1.24 because I wanted to keep the stories rather than lose them by returning borrowed copies.


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