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Inverted Limerick #1

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From Indonesia on a Saturday morning,

I like to use Saturday mornings to go back to my email account and review those emails dismissed with a click on the “next” arrow. These are messages I want to go back and enjoy, ones from folks I know provoke thought. Which is always the case with Kat.

Note she writes that this was the product of a creative brainstorming session. It is almost as if “While I was having coffee, I thought of this.” Effortless. Off the cuff. A passing thought.

What I liked was the number of strong, powerful words leading a reader to reflect on one-who-we-don’t-want-to-name.

“reeked …deception…cowards …vain whims …fool.” Nahhh, don’t want to mention the internal pun. That’s too close to the OWWDWTN (see above).

A few nationally recognized news outlets have adopted a strategy of not naming certain parties to national tragic and horrible events. The thinking is: Don’t give them publicity. They will eventually fade from public consciousness.

That strategy won’t work with this one. A paraphrase from one of my favorite movies applies. A child is offered a choice. “Choose, pick a hand.” When the child (in this case, one of the “cowards”) picks the wrong hand, the child is told “Pick again; choose wisely.

Look at Kat’s explanation of the construction of the limerick, a form she came up with “just for fun.”


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