Cryptocurrencies? Still Unclear.

Cryptocurrency by John James is a short 40-page read with a somewhat pretentious subtitle: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Investing and Trading in Cryptocurrencies. Throughout the guide, the author is very careful and correct to encourage any potential investor and all readers of this guide to do careful research before investing or trading in cryptocurrencies. That is logical. The author then creates a further sense of legitimacy and validity to his advice by noting that careful research is a prerequisite for any type of investing. This means that this guide has little value beyond giving basic definitions to terms used in the cryptocurrency environment. A dictionary and an online search to assure dictionary definitions were not modified by technological jargon would accomplish almost the same thing as reading this guide. What new information does this guide bring to the table?

The author cites the names of several popular bitcoins. He gives a surface explanation of what a hot wallet and cold wallet is. He mentions the use of a QR code that enables one password string to unlock another password string. The author assumes everyone knows what a QR code is, how it works, and how one is generated. Once explaining why hot wallets and cold wallets exist, he explains that to set these items up one goes to a website and follows instructions provided. I might have been able to figure that out without reading this guide.

This guide is an author’s attempt to get published, to get exposure for his writing. The best writing in the guide appears after the copyright information and prior to the Table of Contents (TOC). This section explains why if, after reading this guide, you (reader) do something stupid and lose money, John James is not to blame. I find this section completely appropriate and I am not criticizing its content. After reading it, I know what I want to gain from skimming through this short read. I will look for definitions and product names only. Any other information will be common sense or elevated to philosophizing.

The essential point to what we can learn from this short guide is: write about what you know. Be sure to fashion a disclaimer so that you will not be blamed for any adverse consequences because of a reader following your advice. Then, publish! You might make a few coins and you can add “published author” to your resume or CV.

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