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Two Good Stories Out of Seven

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Pathological: Collected Short Reads of Sex, Lies, and Murder! By Vincent Zandri is a collection of seven short stories. The stories might be an advertisement for the author’s longer novels. If so, this is an advertisement that didn’t do the job. According to the author’s bio, he has written twenty-five novels. They may be very good. In this collection of seven short stories only two, see below, encourage me to read more of the author’s work.

Moonlight Gets Served           This story was published in 2017. I did not like the “cute” detective’s first name. Moonlight is the detective’s last name. This is the only story that has distracting editing errors.

Dressed to Kill                        Marconi is the detective’s name in this story. There is a lot of forced humor in dialogues between Marconi, Blood, and Val that does not seem to fit.

Full Moonlight                        Fans of werewolf stories might like this. I found it a very surface, there was no depth or intrigue at all. I wasn’t expecting a werewolf in a collection like this so at least that was a surprise.

Bingo Night                             This is an interesting story about why you should not attempt to swindle senior citizens. It is not difficult to put a finger on the main point of this story.

Moonlight Breaks Bad            I could not keep up with the number of characters in this story. The amount of work necessary to keep up is just not worth the reward.

PATHOLOGICAL                  This is a good story. It makes up for all the bland stuff in the collection. The author gives the reader permission to think … and something to think about.

Dog Day Moonlight                This story might offend those who are sensitive to social micro-aggressions. I am not one of them. This was the second interesting story of this collection due to its weirdness. It wasn’t weird due to sex stuff; it was weird due to Elvis.

I gave this three Amazon stars because the two stories that were good were quite good but two out of seven do not get more than three stars from me. This is a novel I purchased on Amazon for USD 0.99. I should have read it on Kindle Unlimited (KU) for free.

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