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What Do Mommy and Daddy Do At The Office?

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Proof of Lies by Diana Rodriguez is a very fast-paced thriller, mystery, and spy novel. It was, and possibly still is, on sale on Amazon’s website for USD 0.00. This was the best giveaway novel I have read of all promotional items I have downloaded in this genre. I had finished one novel and was looking for my next read. The cover looked good and the excerpt sounded good so I planned to begin the 400-page novel and read it over the next few of days. The pace was so fast that after I began reading I didn’t stop (take a breath) until the 40% point. The novel is stand-alone, it has an ending that will satisfy some readers …or not. There is a sequel but readers can walk away without guilt feelings of not reading subsequent novels.

Anastasia and sister Keira have what appears to be a very desirable home for anyone. Keira will be off to medical school, Anastasia will finish her first year of high school, there is finally stability from a life that had seen turbulence as the parents and children had moved many times to many places in the world. Anastasia had lived in five countries on four continents. She spoke four languages. The two sisters didn’t think this was a plus. They were looking forward to the stability of Boston. At least Keira, in medical school, would have stability. Mom and Dad had just announced that Anastasia would move again. Anastasia was furious and used harsh words towards her parents when saying she would not move. The parents planned to talk to her later. But they died in a car crash immediately after the argument. Keira and Anastasia were on their own.

After a lengthy period of despondency, each of the sisters reacted to the death in different ways. Keira quit medical school although she did complete nurse’s training. She devoted her time to raising Anastasia although it looked like Anastasia was the more mature adult. Keira became more interested in alcohol and a revolving door of boy toys. This went on until at one “anniversary” party a boyfriend of Keira’s showed up, one who gave Anastasia bad feelings. In the morning following the party, Anastasia could only find a bathtub liberally doused with Keira’s blood, so much blood the police immediately ruled the disappearance a kidnapping-homicide. No one who lost that much blood could live through the experience.

Anastasia refused to believe it. She was sure Keira was alive somewhere and if the unsavory boyfriend of Keira could be found, Keira would also be found. No one believed Keira. No one looked for more evidence. Decisions had been made, there was a funeral for Keira. No official effort would be made to pursue the case. Anastasia would just have to react to the mysterious phone call on her own.

Anastasia’s search begins. Sometimes it turns into a chase and then dials down again to a continued search. The search will be global and domestic. Anastasia will have friends such as Charlotte, a friend of Keira and Anastasia’s current guardian. There is Marcus, a cool guy who might turn into Anastasia’s romantic interest. There are older friends from her parent’s past who aid her financially. The problem is that Anastasia discovers remarkable things about Keira and her parents. What she discovers leads her to suspect everyone of a huge conspiracy.

Characters are adequately developed to carry this story. Although there could have been more depth to the characters, I feel confident the author is saving complete character development for later novels in the series. I will find out because this novel provided enough excitement for me to read at least the next novel in the series. If you are a fan of this genre, as I am, this is a very good start to a series. I gave this four plus Amazon stars.


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