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False Appearances

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Humpty Dumpty by Willow Rose has a subtitle: Horror Stories from Denmark Book 4. I was disappointed by what I felt to be deceptive advertising. I expected to find more than one story in Book 4. I now assume that I will get one story in each of the other books of this series. The Amazon page for this book notes the length of this work is 138 pages. Only 35% of it is the short story. Then there are advertising links for other books by the author. What then follows is an excerpt from Itsy Bitsy Spider by Willow Rose. It is lengthier and more interesting than the short story but ends in a cliffhanger.

The short story Humpty Dumpty is not for the faint of heart. Many will consider the language crude. Four friends are inducting one of their members into a gang. The initiation ceremony requires that the new inductee kill someone while the other three observe. No one could decide on a suitable victim so the group decides to kill an entire family. Peter, Michael, Ole and the recruit, Ivan would invade the home of the Lucas family and kill them all.

The Lucas family had Mom and Dad, older sister Louise, young sister Ella and brother Jacob. Her parents considered Ella fat and disgusting. They also were not happy with Jacob who communicated in a way known only to Ella and himself. Ella had reciprocal feelings for her family, showing love only to Jacob. Only Jacob did not call Ella Humpty Dumpty. The rest of her family could not stand Ella’s fat, oval body. Ella escaped much of her family’s attention by hiding in an attic room, a room that held a mirror possessing some magic powers. The mirror was willing to share powers with Ella.

The home invasion takes place. Horrible things happen but not to everyone. The short story has depictions of horror and torture that are not for everyone. I would be interested to know if the story appears in Danish and if so, the original publication dates.

The excerpt following the story impressed me enough to buy the complete novel which I knew would not disappoint as I have read other Rose novels. I remain irritated by what I consider deceptive advertising. Although the Amazon page mentioned there was an excerpt from another novel, I did not expect the excerpt to be 65% of the work. The Amazon page promised an excerpt from a novel other than … Spider, further contributing to my irritation.

Although the writing of Willow Rose impresses me, this review is about this download which I didn’t like for the reasons above. I gave this two Amazon stars for what I considered a deceptive presentation.


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