Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

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I received an email saying the following short story is in an audible format. I followed the link and came up with the following in print form. I like it in print form because my imagination can play. If I hear it, it is quite possible some of my imaginary extensions to the story might close.

WARNING: Don’t read this before going to work or doing anything that might be adversely affected by extreme sadness and copious weeping.

This came out in 2016 but it hasn’t lost any punch in 2018. This is an incredibly sad story. Or an incredibly hopeful story. Or a story in which several characters; Don, Uncle Charlie, Todd, and Rayne are incredibly crass and somehow skipped the grief stage. That is where the reader imagination comes in.

Anne is such a well developed and complete character with just the right number of words.

You might want to read this alone. If not, read it in front of people who are comfortable with seeing you cry.


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