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Vampires and Travel

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Here are a couple of samples I found interesting. The Kindle for PC app has recently made changes that revealed to me the number of samples I had downloaded and ignored for some reason. Samples are almost like short stories but with an obvious commercial interest. Would I buy any of the following? Read my impressions to see if their marketing strategy was appropriate (for me).

Moonlight City Drive                                      by Brian Paone

The first sentence caught my attention and made me want to read Moonlight City Drive by Brian Paone. “The tall and broody man hid in the shadows of the looming trees and glared at the single-story building in front of him.” (loc 43). I don’t know what a “broody” man is but I presumed Paone was going to have fun with language and I wanted to observe. A few pages later we have this: “Nikki and the rest of the Mushroom Cult corporealized and stormed the walls of the detention center like a tidal wave.” This sample should be fun. If the sample continues to intrigue me, I will have to pay USD 2.99 for the complete novel. It is not available on Kindle Unlimited.

This might be a story of vampires or werewolves, I cannot tell the difference from the sample. There are killings which may not be mysterious in themselves but there is a principal killing machine, the Boulevard Killer, that must be caught. The killer’s mother, Eva Covington contacted a private detective with the unlikely name of Smith for help. Smith is a dissolute, alcoholic, down-on-his-luck private detective who believes that with the new case he will be able to rehire his former secretary, Wynn. She has been fired and rehired multiple times and her employment situation is complicated by an off-again-on-again romantic relationship with Smith, a wreck of a human being she would like to rehabilitate.

This sample is a very strong beginning and based on the writing style I am sure I will buy the book. But I might wait for it to be free on Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Don’t Go There                                   by Adam Fletcher

The subtitle of this novel is an interesting hook. “From Chernobyl to North Korea—one man’s quest to lose himself and find everyone else in the world’s strangest places.” As a person whose life is all about traveling and learning languages, I approach this novel with a predisposition to buy.

The novel begins Adam’s journey with a trip to Turkey at a time of massive protests. An immediate effect is on public transportation mixed with security concerns. Not only are bus and taxi availability affected, selected roads are also closed. Adam has a problem common to all travelers, an unwillingness to unnecessarily try to communicate in English with local people who clearly cannot understand English.

Girlfriend Annett is the practical and sane half of the traveling duo. Adam seems to be a nomad living off earnings received for successful websites. This alone makes the novel somewhat of a fantasy. There is a lot of humor in this novel as Adam tries to defend his lifestyle to himself and Annett. She comes up with a German term that seems to describe Adam, Mitlaufer, a person never engaged with life, always an observer.

The humor, the theme of world travel and the author’s tongue-in-cheek humor sold the book for me. It sells for USD 2.99 on Amazon.


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