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Don’t be Snowed by Appearnces

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All Agnete wanted to do was host the perfect meeting for her former school friends. She felt a need to showcase her perfect life. Being a CEO of her own firm took care of the business side of things. Of course, she had to give the house a thorough cleaning before they arrived. Too bad the cleaning lady was off. A part of that cleaning meant she would have to hide her overweight daughter by banishing her to her room. The absent cheating husband was not a problem.

In Nibble, Nibble, Crunch by Willow Rose the reader meets control freak Agnete. Everything had to be perfect, and it could be because Agnete would make it so. That included a healthy, slim physical appearance. Agnete had not had lunch in years. The same could not be said for her daughter, Emma. It seemed Emma was always eating or asking to eat.

When Emma asked to go outside before Agnete’s friends arrived, Agnete reluctantly lets her out to play in the snow but warned her not to go beyond the hedge. Emma promised but found that all the good snow was on the other side of the hedge. There was a snowman there as well. When Emma went to tell her mother about her exciting discovery, one of her mom’s friends, Irene had arrived with a small dog. Could Emma take Herbie the dog out to play? Sure. Emma introduced Herbie to the snowman. The snowman ate Herbie. Emma was confined to her room.

Michael and Liv were walking with their new baby Johnathan. Michael denied the baby was his. As they argued, they passed close by the snowman. Liv thought the snowman was cute. Emma watched from her window as the snowman ate Liv. Michael grabbed the baby and went to the police station.

Officer Johansen didn’t believe Michael but was interested in what might have happened to Liv. He accompanied Michael to place where the snowman was but now there was a snowman, a snowwoman, and a snowdog. As he inspected the snow creatures more closely, the snowman consumed the policeman.

Irene arrived to look for her dog. The snowdog ate her hand and was in the process of eating all of her when Michal shot the snowman, but with little effect. Emma’s mom heard the shots and came to rescue her daughter. She also got too close to the snowman, a structure which began to consume Agnete. Luckily Emma’s dad, Agnete’s husband arrived with a blowtorch. Attacking the three snow creatures, Thomas saved the day, Agnete, and Emma. The dog, Irene, Officer Johansen, and Liv continued to be dead.

So, the story is over, right? Nope, there is more. Read the short story if you would like to know the improbable ending. This is a Willow Rose short story published primarily to introduce other Willow Rose books. The story ends at location 807 of a story with 1354 locations. After the short story ends, this is an advertisement. I find it annoying and will be sure to not download this type of promotion from this author again. I do not recommend this short story, but I do recommend Kindle Unlimited to read this type of story. If I had paid for this, I would have returned it for a refund. With KU, it was just an annoying item in my reading queue that I could erase. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans Because I was annoyed, I gave this three Amazon stars.


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