Bubbles Everywhere

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Shades by Arthur Slade is a collection of horror (“Tales of Fear and Wonder”) short stories published in 2011. The 106-page collection of 16 stories is sold on Kindle for a price of USD 0.00. This is not a Kindle Unlimited publication. I comment on each story below but recommend readers start by reading Bubbles.

A German for Kyndra

I have been a fan of Bianca Pheasant’s five short stories in the “Dark Murmurings” series and looked forward to her longer writing in the 230-page Origin. This novel is described as Book One in a “Mama’s Retribution” series so I expect to read more from her soon. She has a website in which she describes a difficulty she is having with her next book launch. It is worth looking at and following the links she provides to discover a problem that several authors, especially those starting out, might encounter.

Judge Not That …

This is not today’s book review but my response to a writing prompt that I found interesting. There will be…

A Wicked Update

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No Rest for the Wicked by James Harper is a novel I previously reviewed on 12 November 2017. I got that book from Instafreebies. As part of the author’s advance reviewer team, I received an email from the author announcing the imminent launch of an improved novel with changes to several action scenes and some additional material. I reread the novel, reread my earlier review and upgraded my rating to five Amazon stars.

Unending Hungers

The Lion’s Den by Perrin Briar is a short story I purchased from Amazon at the great price of USD 0.00. At 60 pages, only about twenty pages are the story The Lion’s Den. The other 40 pages are a teaser for Compulsion, a full-length novel. Usually, this would annoy me but both the short story and the excerpt were quite good. I even bought the full-length novel. Almost. I put it in my Kindle Unlimited queue to read next.

The Lion’s Den starts out with a Security Guard at a mall attempting to help an attractive 12-year-old girl. We know where this is going. In the story, the exact age of the girl is not stated but reading it will give a reader that impression. The helpful guard, Robert, watched previous security tapes from his control center to determine what times Beth showed up daily at a mall McDonald’s. The second time she appeared Beth smiled at Robert as she told him her mom had to work overtime and would not be able to pick her up. Beth agreed to wait at the mall in Robert’s security center until he finished his shift and would be able to take her home. The two became close and friendly as Beth expressed curiosity about the monitors and equipment in the security center.

Who Needs Electricity?


My intention was to press a reblog button on Kat Myrman’s site and have the following appear. Since I couldn’t make that happen, I copied and pasted from her site. The original URL is https://katmyrman.com/2018/04/21/a-tall-tale/

No names are mentioned. This is like taking a periodic Dictionary.com quiz except it tests familiarity with political stuff rather than vocabulary.

Although not much vocabulary exists in the big white house near The Hill, there is a new vocabulary coach in town. This is where he comes from:

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Extreme Unreality

Flashbyte by Cat Conner illustrated once again that I must click slower as I select novels to read. This was in a selection of titles that I purchased which were short stories and flash fiction. Flashbyte has nothing to do with short writing pieces. It is a 425-page read that I completed with a growing sense of disbelief that I kept reading to the end. Just as I thought a segment couldn’t be more unrealistic than the previous one, I was proven wrong. I went back to my Amazon purchase history in disbelief that I would pay such a price (USD 2.99) for such a disappointing novel. If I didn’t like a purchase so much, I would usually return it to Amazon for a refund but then it would not show up as a verified purchase. If I wasted so much time trudging through this, I want to be able to post my comments without them being removed for not pertaining to a purchase.

A Cautionary For Old People

This is a tale I wrote for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales for the round beginning 24 April. Each round lasts…

Vampire Vengeance

Shivaree by J. D. Horn is a 290-page novel of the paranormal published in 2015. I stumbled across this novel as part of an Amazon promotion which discounted the book and included an Audible.com accompaniment. I listened and read my way through the book for five hours on a Sunday morning. A fan of horror and crime, I am not a fan of vampires but this novel had so many twists and turns that I will give the genre a second look. The catchy title refers to a tradition on the first night following a wedding ceremony. This novel describes the tradition without any sexual vocabulary. When you read of the ceremony, you will see why that makes sense.

Look What a Cheeseburger Can Get You

John Baker by Bianca Pheasant is Book Five in the Dark Murmurings series. This thirty-one- page short story starts out with an interesting premise. The story is about, just as the title announces, John Baker. The narrator is another being that resides inside John Baker, his conscience. As with all humans, sometimes the conscience is dominant and rules our behavior, sometimes it is ignored. This story is about a conflict inside John Baker. The outcome is not trivial. Although John can live and operate without a conscience, the reverse is not true. Without a physical being to inhabit, a conscience cannot live.