Bubbles Everywhere

Picture Credit to Ajale on Pixabay Shades by Arthur Slade is a collection of horror (“Tales of Fear and Wonder”) short stories published in 2011.

A German for Kyndra

I have been a fan of Bianca Pheasant’s five short stories in the “Dark Murmurings” series and looked forward to her longer writing in the

Judge Not That …

This is not today’s book review but my response to a writing prompt that I found interesting. There will be a book review a bit

A Wicked Update

No Rest for the Wicked by James Harper is a novel I previously reviewed on 12 November 2017. I got that book from Instafreebies. As

Unending Hungers

The Lion’s Den by Perrin Briar is a short story I purchased from Amazon at the great price of USD 0.00. At 60 pages, only

Who Needs Electricity?

avi-agarwal-610-Unsplash My intention was to press a reblog button on Kat Myrman’s site and have the following appear. Since I couldn’t make that happen, I

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