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Death With No Dignity

3 min read

This short review has two parts. I discuss the author’s business acumen and briefly comment on the short read. WARNING: This short read is not for readers sensitive to sexual content. It is not representative of the author’s overall style. I like all writing I have read from this author, to include this one. I am not overly sensitive to what I read. If something offends me I close the book, turn off the TV, delete the download, unfriend the person … You get the idea.

For a quick read to wake up, for something to read rather than automatically turning on CNN, for something to read when your hangover can’t stand noise, have a look at My Redneck Funeral by Philip Loyd. It is less than five pages and is in a series called Flashbytes by the same author. I thought the series name clever and thought it might be a defined genre. A search on Amazon for the term returned seven pages. Philip Loyd wrote all entries on the seven pages except one. I bought the exception, Flashbyte, (425 pages) so the author might want to send a thank you to Loyd.

The cover of My Redneck Funeral has the author name as “Hillbilly Philly.” Loyd seems to like using an author name that is a play on words for each of his published short reads. This is not the first Loyd read I have experienced but it is the first I wanted to comment on not because of the story but because of the marketing idea. If his works take up seven Amazon pages, he might be making a living at writing. This is not much different than entries I see in various writing challenges as far as word or page count. For those who love to respond to writing challenges, look at several of the Loyd reads. If you have Kindle Unlimited, many are free. They are also on sale at USD 0.99. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Loyd writes in a short almost conversational style. The content in most of the five selections I have read is clever with just a slight twist on familiar everyday themes. I finished reading with a positive feeling, a smile on my face, and a mental comment to self, “Yeah, that’s right, he got it.” That is not true of this selection. Funeral is not for everyone. Some would consider it politically incorrect, sick, warped, and perverted. Many would not find the subject matter humorous in any way. Not one to follow the crowd, I must agree it is politically incorrect. I gave this short read four Amazon stars out of sympathy for the politically incorrect crowd.


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