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Twisted Stories Collection

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“A Collection of Dark Short Stories” is how author Mike Campling describes A Dark Assortment, a collection of seventeen short stories. This is like a collection of candy; each piece can be quickly consumed but there will be a bit of aftertaste that you can appreciate several minutes later.

Floorboards                Simon just found another reason that cellphones are better than conventional household landlines. He didn’t think someone else would make the same discovery at almost the same time.

Fifteen Days                Remember your first French kiss? If you were lucky, it wasn’t with someone like Steve. Or anyone like his girlfriend. Choose your preference to taste but avoid these two.

Safety                          At a time of tension between police and many especially urban communities, this is an unfortunate horror story based too much in reality.

Black Friday               Just because you decide to live off the grid does not mean that the grid ignores you.

Deadline                     It had become late very fast. Marty hadn’t planned to stay so late, but the big fish had been almost teasing him before he finally caught it. Now he would have to go home in pitch black conditions. And maybe Marty would become the prey.

Rats                             Someone smells a rat and the rat …

Granny Jankovic         Granny liked the children in the park, all except one. It seemed that one of them didn’t have a heart. Granny, however, had a cure.

A Lonely Road            Mary felt bad about not rewarding the young man who had stopped to help her after she had sprained her foot. She had been brusque as she insisted he leave her alone. She needn’t have worried. The boy would be rewarded.

Focus                          Attention all readers addicted to blogging!! This will either scare you or make you incredibly sad.

A Face at the Window             Rachel has always been fascinated by fire. Up to now, she has always colored inside social norm lines.

Christmas Comes But Once    Some people would enjoy seeing their future. Sean thought he was one of those … until he saw it.

The Villager                As with many close-knit villages, there were community secrets. Bill had a secret he hadn’t thought about for years. And he wasn’t going to tell anyone.

Listen                         Sometimes it is not true that you are paranoid. Someone really is watching or listening at all times.

Sweet Dreams             Mum tells the same story every night. But he knows the truth.

The Ride of Your Life Scott was the best at keeping the carnival rides safe. His attention to the maintenance rules was more detailed than any manual. They should not have let him go.

Someone to Watch over Me    Tim was very careful to look for patterns in everything. He thought he saw one that included Sam. Plots and enemies would be revealed if he could see and study patterns. Would he be able to survive the latest attempt by “Them?” Maybe the pills would help to sharpen his defenses.

A Monster Under the Bed       It was a long time ago and files had been sealed. Jo had a copy and knew where it was, but she intended to keep all information sealed. In return, she would never hurt anyone again. Maybe.

The short stories occupy 94% of the download. If you liked the stories there are some links leading to other works by the author. I liked this collection and gave it four Amazon stars because in any collection there are some that are superior while others are “just” interesting. I have downloaded other Campling stories for my TBR collection.


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