Foolish Love Is Better Than No Love


Fools for Love by Carol Ervin is Book Seven of the Mountain Women Series. I can’t believe I haven’t read every book in the series; each one is great. If I only looked at the title of this book, I would not have selected it. There is some saying about a book and its cover which had no applicability for me when I saw the author name. Carol Ervin writes multilevel great fiction with hints of actual historical events. A point that will not apply to every reader; her stories evoke nostalgia. In this book, readers look at the town of Winkler and surrounding area in 1920. For me, it could have been rural Indiana in the 1950s. Nostalgia cuts more than one way. I don’t look back and recall unpleasant experiences. My grandmother served as a filter for my childhood experiences. In this novel, the “grandmother” is May Rose. In later years her children might think back fondly on activities surrounding the canning of vegetables. It is lengthy, time-consuming and necessary work if a family wants to have diet variety in winter when there may not be money for travel to a neighboring town to purchase food. May Rose made some of the activities fun for her children. As did my grandmother for me. And we think back fondly to childhood experiences. This is one of many examples.