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The Sheriff Is Not Lazy

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Cutthroat County is a short story showcasing the writing talent of Adam Nicholls. His author page on Amazon claims ten novels but two of the featured selections are trilogies of works that can be ordered as single novels. One of his works, Missing, is offered for a purchase price of USD 0.00 so if the writing style of this short story works for you, there is a longer novel you can pick up for free.

This is a short review befitting a short story. The writing style is such that I am sure I will be reading at least one of this author’s longer novels. (NB: Did I mention that Missing is free?) In this short story, we have a bank robbery committed by three brothers. Not that they are bank robbers by nature, but they have gotten in trouble with a career criminal known as Little John; the three brothers are just doing enough to stay out of trouble with the boss.


The three brothers have taken a hostage, Brenda. A couple of local cops who might have been from Mayberry (untrained) have somehow managed to corner the three robbers in a barn. There is a hostage standoff complicated by the fact that one of the brothers has been shot.

Will the local cops make good? Will the FBI swoop in and take over from the local cops? Will the hostage survive? What about the evil Clive, master of hand grenades? To find out the answers to these questions and decide to read Adam Nicholls other longer works, read this short story for free. I found it in an email sent by author Wade Tobias who also offers free book giveaways by fellow authors.


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