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A Viral World

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I downloaded a copy of Broken Nation by Shaunta Grimes from Instafreebies for a price that is reflective of the site name. At 55 pages it is a short read that introduces the reader to the Grimes style of writing. It is dystopian and not a genre I generally follow but I liked the writing and will probably read Viral Nation, a 320-page novel … as soon as the price comes down. Viral is currently USD 9.99 and, as mentioned, this is not one of my top genre of interest.

I was interested in this offering because of the author’s Facebook page. She is one of several Ninja Writers, a social media blog on Writing, for writers wondering around in confusion. Which pretty much describes writers. Her style of writing appealed to me on Facebook and email messages, so I wanted to see how her style translated into a novella.

Leanne Wood wakes up in a hospital to the realization that she has lost a leg. The amputation was supposedly necessary to save her life from a continuing virus that is destroying civilization as we know it. There is a friend, Maggie, in the hospital who has also been ravaged by the same virus in a way that disfigured her face. Then there is Alex, the boyfriend of Leanne, who exists outside the hospital, seems to have not been affected by the virus, but lives in some type of protected area. There are restrictions on where and with whom people can live. To obey the law would mean Leanne cannot live with Alex. The two accept that they must break the law and while doing so they can also help Maggie.

In this short novella, there are few answers and many questions. Some of the mysteries are teasers for longer novels. It would be an unusual reader that considers this a standalone novel. I found nothing wrong with this because I was able to find out what I wanted to know. Shaunta Grimes is an interesting writer. While waiting for the price of Viral Nation to come down, I will follow her on Facebook and take part in some of the activities she sponsors.

I liked the style of writing in Broken Nation more than the three stars I gave it on Amazon. This read like a free sample on Amazon and, although I like what I read, and understand the purpose of a novella teaser, it was a bit too incomplete for me to give it a higher rating.


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