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Stuff for Thought

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lost-places-3310942_640Writing On The Walls 1 by Amanda Linehan is a 60-page collection of very short stories published in 2012. Thirteen stories in sixty pages guarantee they will be short to very short. Different than coffee table books, this could be described as a coffee break book; you can read the stories while you are drinking a cup in the office coffee break area. I received this novel as a free download from an email list run by author Tobias Wade.

Their Love Could Follow Moonstones            Rick was a very structured, organized individual. Then he met Donna. Did she have an effect? Readers decide.

The Lost, Multiply                   Sometimes what you think you see is not what you get. But it is still OK. It may not be Belgian, but it is decent.

The Cat                                    This is a mystery. Who is the “Other One?”

Broken                                     You just must know the buttons to push. In this case, there is no lack of advice.

After Dinner Dining                At least at the truck, there was more atmosphere.

Could A Robot Be Using Your Computer?     This is a powerful piece about our digital gadget masters.

I Thought That Was You         This is an interesting mystery. What is the relationship between Vicki and George?

Cut                                              John didn’t fully understand the test before he took it. That was his only and last mistake.

Observation Room                  There was a reward waiting to be claimed. Perhaps this time one of the teams would get it right.

One Traveler                             She took one (hair dryer) for the team.

The Game Maker                      Rules are not universal. Different games, different rules.

The End Of Winter                   This is a story about how upset we become when the familiar no longer surrounds us.

The Horse And The Rooster    This story is about using the right tools for the right job. The farmer had all the tools he needed, he just did not know how to use them.

There aren’t many shocks or twists in this collection. This collection is offered for introspection about relationships. I gave it four Amazon stars for its unique content. In any collection, not all stories will please everyone and I had a reaction of (what???) to Observation Room but I liked the overall reading experience.


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