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Pillow Talk

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Bedtime Reads is a collection of seventeen short stories by Janet Pywell. At approximately 190 pages these should be comfortable ten to twelve page reads that you can administer just before sleeping; something to get you into a comfortable, drowsy, pleasant semi-coma. But it doesn’t work that way. One story leads to another and before you know it, dawn arrives. You are tired but pleased with your voyeur fun. These are stories of relationships. You shouldn’t be looking. But you know you want to.

Abyssinian Dropfoot               Harry preferred to self-diagnose as he got older and felt more comfortable with his body. Still, it was comforting to get a professional opinion, especially when Richard’s assessment mirrored what he already thought. But …wait for the twist.

My Lost Brother                      In this story the reader will discover a different meaning for the phrase “having it all.” Watch for the twist within a twist.

Letters Abroad                        This is a story about long distant relationships, real estate, and a further definition of “closing costs.”

Aqua Tofana                           Against his mother’s wishes Michael learned how to cook at levels near Master Chef quality. He learned how revenge was best served.

A Pair Of Shoes                      The title of this story, which is also the last line of the story, conveys the message of the story perfectly.

Something Might Happen       This story will have you looking around at who shows up for family funerals. A very creative, and possible, twist.

All Inclusive                            James and Frances went on a vacation that included everything; it even included long lost and abandoned luggage.

All Exclusive                           Claire and Roger continue to go through with their planned wedding rituals, but a lot of the honeymoon will probably be spent in explanations.

All Encompassing                   Sheena is the omniscient player. A best friend of Claire, she knows secrets about everyone. Sheena will do anything (and has done almost everything) to protect Claire and make her feel safe.

NOTE: The above three stories each have their small surprises and innuendo. However, Sheena will tie everything together with a huge secret reveal. It is worth reading all three tales while paying attention to each character to fully appreciate the final surprise.

Dating For A Dad                   Kids get busy to make Mom happy. It was a struggle but the efforts the children made to vet “happiness” candidates for Mom were complete and innovative. Too bad Jake won’t get any credit.

They Lied                                All she wanted was someone who would tell her the truth. In her life so far, no one had failed to disappoint her. She had only just met Rashid; why would he be different? He told her what was in the box. She didn’t believe it. She saw what was in the box and still didn’t believe it. What would it take to satisfy this girl?

Hattie                                      Hattie wanted to travel and have an adventure but not spend too much money. Arranging travel online and paying attention to couch surfing opportunities looked promising. But then she would have to return the favor. True, she loved people watching but the more information she discovered online the more she thought she had started from the wrong premise. Let’s rethink this from a more familiar start point.

Jacob’s Birthday                     Birthdays are for remembrances. It was good that Felicity and Emma had come home to help her celebrate Jacob’s birthday.

Just A Drag                             Some people measure life events with a watch or clock. Others mark time with the burn rate of cigarettes.

I’d Lie In The Road For You               Her husband was back from India and duty called. But so did all of her dead friends. Or maybe it was all in her mind.

The Bar                       Back home before Happy Hour and she was sure hubby would not mind.

Jan d’Artagnan                        For this last story of the collection, don’t look for a twist. Appreciate the steady hum of humor that runs throughout the tale.

I gave this novel four Amazon stars due to its unique approach. I especially liked the way the three stories All Inclusive, All Exclusive, and All Encompassing were tied together. I will read more by this author.


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