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A Reluctant Widow

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The Black Widow is a 27-page short story by Bianca Pheasant. It is Book 4 in the Dark Murmurings series. All novels in the series are from eighteen to twenty-two pages. All sell at an Amazon price of USD 1.40 and all are available on Kindle Unlimited for the USD 9.99 monthly subscription price after the first free month.

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I found the beginning of the story entertaining as Brenda celebrated her first human kill. Except it wasn’t her first. Her first human kill was her husband but that was OK because he had hit her and abused her a lot until something snapped. If she had remembered cutting off his head and maybe confessing, the government might not have declared her insane and had her committed to Dr. Franco’s house. Of course, it wasn’t a house; it was an asylum, but Brenda and Dr. Franco agreed asylum was just not a polite title.

It wasn’t all bad. Brenda may have been crazy just like the government said but Dr. Franco was totally insane. Not that Brenda was one to judge. She knew that Dr. Franco loved her. Her latest kill was the first one under the direction of Dr. Franco. Now it was time to look for another victim. But not before Brenda collected her reward for the first kill. Her reward, delivered personally by Dr. Franco, was the type of reward that screams “Trigger Warning – Lots of Sex Ahead.”

On to the second kill. It should have been easy; the candidate was extremely drunk. But then there was the kid. Brenda may not pass this test.

Read the short story to find out what happens next. This author has a very inviting style of writing. I am sure I will read the four short stories in this series. According to the Bianca Pheasant website, there is a full-length novel coming soon. If the writing is like this, it will be a success.


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