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Just Say No to Old Angus

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Painkillers for Heartache is an 18-page quick read published by Bianca Pheasant in January 2018. It is the second short tale in the Dark Murmurings series. This story has a leprechaun, a being that was certainly no substitute for Michael, the husband Jennifer loved and missed. Michael, someone who had promised to love her forever, had left earlier than forever to live with his secretary. Now Jennifer had to decide what to do with her life. She decided; she would kill herself. She had the gun, all she had to do was pull the trigger. She should probably try to figure out why there was a leprechaun watching her from a corner of her bedroom before she departed this life for another.

Old Angus, the leprechaun’s name, claimed he appeared in Jennifer’s life to help her. He would grant her one wish. Once Old Angus fulfilled the wish, Jennifer had to grant a favor to Old Angus (not just Angus, the Old was important). Of course, Jennifer didn’t believe him and couldn’t think of anything she really wanted other than to cease living. Old Angus guided or pushed her thought to vengeance. Wouldn’t it be nice if Michael’s secretary were to die? True, Jennifer would still not have Michael but at least he would be as miserable as she.

This is a nice setup to the story and it is worth reading this bit of flash fiction to find out what’s next. There is a commonly known saying that vengeance is best served cold. This indicates it can be served in more than one way. In this case, it is served as two black pills with mysterious imprints that may have been applied in Askelon.

Bianca Pheasant has a pleasant style of writing that keeps a reader’s interest. I am sensitive to misspellings and typos; I make my fair share, sometimes intentionally for effect. There are a couple of places in this story where I detected “dubious” spelling. The words were either jargon or slang and I see the terms spelled differently in other works. Therefore, Pheasant’s spelling of the terms may be an accepted local variant, something like the difference between American and British spelling.

The prices of Pheasant’s Dark Murmurings stories are USD 1.40 and are free on Kindle Unlimited. This is a story that can make Kindle Unlimited pay for itself. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans I gave this pleasant read four Amazon stars.


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