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A Cautionary For Old People

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Photo by Ana Martin on Unsplash

This is a tale I wrote for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales for the round beginning 24 April. Each round lasts a week then Kat republishes submissions to her weekly photo prompt on her website. She follows this up with a new photo prompt. Even if you don’t submit an entry, you will discover interesting blogs of other aspiring expressionists. Here is a link to this week’s round:

My entry comes from an experience I had “riding the dog” on a 30-day unlimited pass from New York to California. Conversations with senior citizens resulted in several stories similar to this.

The SS pension covered an unlimited monthly train pass. A bit for food plus what passengers left behind. Catsup and water equaled tomato soup. Since 2008 and retirement she and Ted lived like this. He was gone now but sometimes appeared in the window. He didn’t like tomato soup.
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