Extreme Unreality

Flashbyte by Cat Conner illustrated once again that I must click slower as I select novels to read. This was in a selection of titles that I purchased which were short stories and flash fiction. Flashbyte has nothing to do with short writing pieces. It is a 425-page read that I completed with a growing sense of disbelief that I kept reading to the end. Just as I thought a segment couldn’t be more unrealistic than the previous one, I was proven wrong. I went back to my Amazon purchase history in disbelief that I would pay such a price (USD 2.99) for such a disappointing novel. If I didn’t like a purchase so much, I would usually return it to Amazon for a refund but then it would not show up as a verified purchase. If I wasted so much time trudging through this, I want to be able to post my comments without them being removed for not pertaining to a purchase.