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Who Needs Electricity?

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My intention was to press a reblog button on Kat Myrman’s site and have the following appear. Since I couldn’t make that happen, I copied and pasted from her site. The original URL is

No names are mentioned. This is like taking a periodic quiz except it tests familiarity with political stuff rather than vocabulary.

Although not much vocabulary exists in the big white house near The Hill, there is a new vocabulary coach in town. This is where he comes from:

From Falco at Pixabay

A Tall Tale

it’s a tale of woe if there ever was one

of a beautiful boy with beautiful hands

a spinner of deals, like no deals ever spun

a boastful lone tweeter who ruled o’er the land

above all, ‘twas loyalty, blind and unquestioning

that he demanded of those in his court

this one-sided toll would become the reckoning

of this narcissist leader who lied just for sport

he surrounded himself with fawners and yessers

with donors and wannabe moguls and fools,

oligarchs too, horsebacked underdressers,

gaslighting the masses, he broke every rule

then one day a hero emerged on the council

a true man of honor, a keeper of justice

one by one he indicted court jesters until

only two of the fawners were left on the list

a scrapper called fixer would squeal for his skin

while a stormy cloud’s lining loomed brash on display

with no favors to claim and his chips all cashed in

the man boy had run out of aces to play

It’s a sad day you know when not everyone’s thrilled

to be rid of the terrible reign of this fool

I’ve kept the main players anon, if you will

to say them out loud; that just wouldn’t be cool

some folks believe that this whole thing is fake

it’s hard to believe it could really be true

history will prove it when less is at stake

how a villainous braggart staged a great coup.



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