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A Wicked Update

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No Rest for the Wicked by James Harper is a novel I previously reviewed on 12 November 2017. I got that book from Instafreebies. As part of the author’s advance reviewer team, I received an email from the author announcing the imminent launch of an improved novel with changes to several action scenes and some additional material. I reread the novel, reread my earlier review and upgraded my rating to five Amazon stars.

There is a robbery gone wrong. Three people entered a store, all wearing masks. The store owner tried to protect what was his and was shot for his troubles. There wasn’t supposed to be any shooting but one of the three gang members, one who was several cards short of a full deck, overreacted. The three fled, taking a female clerk hostage. Intending to flee to a nearby hotel deserted for the winter, they had not counted on the entrepreneurial spirit of the hotel owners. There was a promotion to which only three select couples were invited as test guests prior to a grand opening. Unfortunately for the evildoers, Evan Buckley (it’s a series) and girlfriend Gina were one of the couples. Another couple canceled. But that left two guest couples, a manager and a chef, four bad guys, a hostage store clerk, and one small child (brought by the other couple) to weave an entertaining tale.

Harper develops each of his characters well (except for the murdered store owner). There are surprises worth waiting for. The action scenes are well done, not overdone. After all, there was a chef at the scene. As I read the story, I felt that this was a very logical extension of Fallen Angel a much shorter story I reviewed. That story had the same tense, taut action this one does which I feel is evidence of the author’s skill. The action scenes in this novel could have been watered down with the reader getting more quantity but less quality. That did not happen. There were enough twists in this novel that I want to read more from Harper. Being the type that likes to save money, I signed up for his reviewer team so, according to him, I should be able to read a lot of his work in advance for free.

I earlier gave this four Amazon stars on Goodreads because it did not appear for review on Amazon. This review should display on Amazon at a planned book launch on 27 April 2018. I believe the improvements to the book since November 2017 justifies five Amazon stars. This new launch is available on Kindle Unlimited for an (essentially) free read.



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