Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

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Judge Not That …

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This is not today’s book review but my response to a writing prompt that I found interesting. There will be a book review a bit later. Clicking on the link will take you to the Challenge page and give you something fun to do.

Marsha had always been such a quarrelsome child. She demanded her own way in all things; with her family, her schoolmates, anyone she met on the street, and animals of all sizes. Marsha was a decision maker. She solved all problems for herself and others, whether others requested help or not. She was always right. She knew it. She had asked (herself). It was only logical that Marsha would go to law school and begin her climb to a judgeship whereby her shrewd decisions would receive a government stamp of approval.

Marsha did not morph into “The Hanging Judge” but a glance at her sentencing history would cure most aspiring criminals. As far as society was concerned, she put all who appeared before her out of harm’s way. At today’s sentencing hearing the Goth girl defendant evoked a different emotion from her. The girl’s spiked hair and garish makeup repelled her. That kind of appearance always had. Although she felt a bit sorry for the girl; the jury had spoken, guilty on all counts. The judge showed no emotion as she read the verdict. “Confined to a juvenile facility until your twenty-first birthday,” Marsha intoned. “Before the bailiffs take you away, do you have anything to say?” asked the judge.

“Sure, is this what you call a birthday present, mom?” the daughter answered.


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