Ryker’s World Sucks

Fangs & Fairy Dust by Joynell Schultz is described by the author as “An Angels of Sojourn Spin-Off Novella.” This was a good chance to

Small Town Struggles

We see many novels promoted by comparing the work to other successful, talented writers. It is easy to compare Pushed Too Far by Ann Voss

Naughty and Bad are Not the Same

The Bad Bad by Bones Monroe is a very short story, a coffee break read for when nobody wants to talk to you during the

Demon Proofreading; Read the Bonus Book

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash After reading any novel, I like to write a short review and then check other reviews either on Amazon

Barefoot Is Best

Foot Ways by Lynn Veach Sadler is an 84-page novella full of “down home” country wisdom that rationalizes strange occurrences in otherwise humdrum, boring daily

Unbelievably Slow

A Dangerous Secret by Peter Martin did not impress me as far as believability in several plot points. Garry Flynn got a phone call from

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