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Death Without Trial

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This is my response to TwitteringTales #82 sponsored by Kat Myrman. What comes to mind when you have to choose one of seven doors? For me, the other six doors have negative consequences but that is just me. Follow the link below to highlight your interpretation.

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My staff will choose for me. Six doors of Death by (You’re Fired) #1 Rex, fired by Twitter. #2 Mike, fired for lying. #3 James, fired for disloyalty. #4 Anthony, fired for vulgarity. #5 Steve, fired for fashion sense. #6 Hicks, fired as hopeless. #7 I WIN the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Follow this link to participate in the challenge:

Twittering Tales #82 – 1 May 2018



1 thought on “Death Without Trial

  1. Oy!!! The thought of the Nobel Peace prize going to the most divisive character to assume the “Office” is just horrible to me! I think we need a Door #8 with Rob waiting behind it! 😉 Good tale BTW Ron.

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