Abandoned House, Abandoned Hope

Ground Floor, Second Room To The Left by Chris Sarantopoulos is a 37-page tale of Joe and Lucy on a type of scavenger hunt. It was more a hunt for salvage that could be sold. Copper gets a good price. Lucy is just along for the ride with her latest husband, Joe. Her entire life has been “go with the flow” or “along for the ride.” She had been through many jobs and relationships. Things fell apart for her when anyone, whether on the job or in a relationship, called her crazy. Lucy was sure Joe wouldn’t do that but Lucy had been sure many times before. The abandoned house they entered was old, large, and had big rooms. The copper they were looking for was in one of the smaller ground floor rooms. Lucy didn’t like small rooms. She liked them even less when the door locked behind them in the room where she was watching Joe tap the walls to find salvageable material. Then messages started appearing on the walls. Joe had to use her mirror to read the reverse writing. The messages were not welcoming notes.