Horror, A Different Take

Midnight Shadows by Tara A. Devlin is a collection of short stories. There are “only” twenty-eight short stories in this collection and I will offer comments related to all of them. I am careful not to include spoilers but by commenting on each story I am also letting readers know that, yes, I did read the book. Some of my remarks are wordplay or sarcastic (in a good way) and some won’t make sense unless you have read the stories.

If there is a common denominator to most of the stories it is this: there is horror, the reader can feel it. But is the horror due to something external or is the horror internal to and created in the mind of the main character (narrator)? Either way, it is horror or terror and the writing is good. I gave this four plus Amazon stars and recommend it highly to fans of the horror genre. These are not your usual horror stories.