Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

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Disappointing and Unbelievable Ending

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Ben Jackson by Amanda Linehan is only 39 pages long. But that is longer than short stories a reader will find in Writing on the Walls 1, also by Amanda Linehan which I reviewed on April 13, 2018. I found the short stories in the first work contained interesting stories of relationships. Nothing crashed or twisted, there were just interesting observations. This short story began with some nice character observations, described an interesting mystery to be solved and then, like the cliff off which Ben Jackson went, the story went completely off the rails into total unbelievability.

To believe such an improbable ending, a reader would expect to have a character’s mental condition explored, explained, and evolved over a lengthy period. The character of Kevin is presented as three different characters that could not logically co-exist. I gave this two Amazon star because I liked the first part of the story, one which I believe had promise. Perhaps the author will look at where the strange turn took place and rework the entire short story to a longer, more consistent one.

This is a short review of a short story and I will not lengthen the review to recount the many negatives about the story conclusion. This follows my idea of “If you can’t say something good …”


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