Very Dark Fast-Paced Thriller

I Do Not Belong by Rick Wood is a mesmerizing tale which no reader who gets past the first character death will want to put down. It is probably good that this March 2018 publication is only 216 pages long because it is impossible to put down after the first few chapters; it requires reading in one session. The brief Amazon description might lead a reader to believe that this is a formulaic overdone theme in both novels and film but author Wood’s skill adds a few dimensions to the classic scenario. Ashley, Maya, Milo, Tariq, and Everly wake up to find themselves in a strange room tethered by a chain on one leg in such a way that no person can physically touch another. There is a note explaining that one person will die each hour unless the group can determine who in the group put them there. This is the familiar part. Then Rick Wood begins to apply the twists.