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First Time

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The First Will Be Poetic by Cherita Smith is a short story of Prom Night. This is a night special for Tori because she has decided that the night will be a “first,” a night in which she will be all that she can be as a woman. Sisters Cori and Lori help her prepare for the night. There is makeup and hairstyling and advice. Cori and Lori tell Tori about their first time.

Tori has spent a lot of time deciding that Brett Tyler will be “the one.” There is a complication at the prom when Misty shows up. Misty, former BFF of Tori had an intense prior relationship with Brett, so intense that Misty’s breakup with Brett had resulted in rehabilitation time at the local mental care facility. Misty and Tori were no longer BFF but that didn’t stop Misty from warning Tori about Brett. The warning was perhaps unnecessary.

The prom, held in a high-class hotel was over. Couples either left or went to rented rooms. Tori and Brett went to a bungalow. Things started out well but Brett got a bit too pushy and Tori finally got him to stop. Brett did not take the refusal well and began a sullen pout. After considering things for a few moments, Tori decided to continue and get through her initial experience, but on her terms.

Then things got interesting. I gave this short Amazon story five stars because it was good plus I liked the first line:

            “THE TOILET SEAT is cold as death beneath my thighs, but my sisters won’t let me up.” (Kindle Locations 20-21).

How can I not read on after a first line like that?

This was not available on Amazon; I received this from an author website.


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