Brutal Memories

Identity Crisis by Bones Monroe is not a story of multiple identities although that was my first thought when seeing the author’s name. Monroe writes novels of horror. The language is extremely graphic, sometimes sexual, sometimes violent. For this novel, the flavor of violence is horror with minor sexual shading. Think (or not, your choice) dismemberment. I think it’s only proper to put the warning in the first paragraph. You have been warned. I gave the story only three-plus Amazon stars due to bad proofreading. There were missing words, superfluous words, and completely wrong words. In one place Damon has completely disabled Frank. In the following sentence, Frank throws a chair against a wall to attract the attention of Cedric or Ozzie. Nope. It was Damon that threw the chair. Mistakes like that, combined with others, cause me to assign only three stars. The plus is because of the engaging central premise.