A Noisy Serenity


Serenity by Craig A. Hart is about what Shelby Alexander wants in his life. Serenity, Michigan is where Shelby went to find it. A formerly successful boxer who made a gigantic mistake in the past that led to his fall from grace in the boxing world, Shelby has cultivated a reputation as a “fixer.” It is not that he intentionally works outside the law but he has occasionally crossed borders a more ethical person would not cross. In the first chapter, we meet a Shelby who is aware of his advancing age and degradation of physical abilities even though he is a young sixty-year-old with a thirty-year-old girlfriend. Shelby is content with his place in life and wishes daughter Leslie would stop calling him to get him to reconcile with his ex-wife. He will not criticize Leslie because he wants to continue a relationship with his daughter which has only recently unfrozen. Then Jenny died.