Find Me An Heir

The Amazon book page describes Sins Of The Father by James Harper as a mystery suspense thriller. There is a lot of mystery and suspense to please any fan of these genres. As far as a thriller, I had mixed feelings. There are so many stories in the novel I became confused. Sins is book three of a four-part Evan Buckley Thriller Series and although James Harper fans can read it as a stand-alone novel I constantly had the feeling that there was something from previous novels that I should have known. I could tell that there were going to be some situations that would not be resolved in this novel. I am unwilling to make a time commitment to read every novel in a series in order completely understand every situation so I usually don’t read novels which are part of a series. Also, clever authors frequently make some novels in a series low-priced and trap me into paying if I want to get a complete story.