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Poetic Carvings

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Famished by Meghan O’Flynn is a very twisted novel. I loved it, gave it five Amazon stars and immediately went to her Amazon Author page for further reads. Famished is offered for USD 0.00; others in the Ash Park Novel series are USD 3.99 and 4.99. Good marketing. I wanted to know more about this author so I borrowed parts from her Author page and her book just to give you an idea of what you will find in this novel.

From her Amazon Author page (in part):

“She is frankly amazed that her wonderful husband still agrees to live with her after reading them and even more shocked that he seems to sleep soundly.”

From the dedication to Famished (in Part):

“For my father, who raised me lovingly—and quite normally—and who should not be blamed for the twisted nature of my work.”

Trigger Warnings: There are depictions of pedophilia so a mention of graphic sexuality would be redundant. Then there are graphic descriptions of evisceration that seem to be a favorite of a serial killer. Also, your garden variety BDSM makes an appearance. Any more warnings and you wouldn’t need to pull the trigger on this semi-automatic thriller novel.

Chapter headings are day and date notations. The novel begins and ends on Sunday, December 6th.  I don’t know how many people like to look at the table of contents. I usually find it informative but, in this novel, I find it deceptive. Most of the novel is; that’s why it’s good.

Detective Edward Petrosky arrived at a crime scene to find a victim, Dominic Harwick, dead. Petrosky knew someone was missing.  Hannah Montgomery had worked for Dominic, manager of Harwick Technical contract house. Recently, the relationship had changed. Someone was stalking Hannah and had been stalking her for years. Hannah had run away from her tormentor five years before and had ended up working as an HR manager for Harwick. Hannah was hyper-aware of her surroundings always. She had recently come to believe that she had been found. The guy she lived with for protection, Jake, had over time become bored with her and was increasingly turning to physical violence against Hannah to relieve his boredom. Hannah had recently thrown him out of her apartment but was afraid to live alone. She had turned to Dominic for protection. Their relationship had been for the most part platonic. Not that she wanted it that way. Detective Petrosky felt they had to find Hannah before the killer made a public presentation of her carved body.

Petrosky identified too closely with Hannah because Hannah reminded him of his daughter Julie, who had been abducted and presumably killed at age thirteen. The body had never been found. The loss of the daughter cost Petrosky his marriage. In this novel, he will assume the role of the almost burned out but still capable veteran cop trying to be a mentor to his trainee, Morrison (also known as Surfer Boy).

If this novel were a street version of a shell game, the advice would be “Keep an eye on Hannah.” Where is Hannah? This could be asked at multiple points in the story. Petrosky tries to make connections between Hannah and other killed girls because the girls come from a homeless victim’s shelter where Hannah does volunteer work.

Through backstories, readers find that almost every character in the novel is dark. Even the female District Attorney and Petrosky’s trainee might be up to naughty activities in their off hours. For this novel, that would be harmless fun.

I will follow this author in the hope that she puts some of her other work on Kindle Unlimited. If she doesn’t do that soon, I will raid the piggy bank and buy her other novels. I feel confident they will be as good as this one.


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