Dark and Darker Stories

The Amazon page for Night Asylum by Douglas Clegg describes the novel as a collection of tales of mystery and horror. There are eighteen short stories and three samples from other Clegg novels. The eighteen short stories were so interesting I almost abandoned my usual practice of not reading the samples. I don’t read the teasers at the end of a novel for the same reason that I don’t go grocery shopping when I am hungry. Food that I previously found desirable when in the store populates the farthest reaches of all my refrigerator shelves. My TBR shelves have collapsed a few times. Still, I was tempted to read the samples by the variety of writing styles I found throughout the short stories. I’ll just pick ONE of Clegg’s longer novels to download. Not one of the samples, rather The Priest of Blood: A Dark Fantasy Vampire Epic (The Vampyricon Book 1) is listed on Amazon for USD 0.00 and is my next Clegg read.