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Frankenstein in Wolf’s Clothing

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Merrie Destefano describes Shade as “A Re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.” (Kindle Location 29). When was the last time you read the original Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? Are you worried that this novel would make comparisons that you would not have the knowledge to refute or confirm? No problem, this is a good novel on its own. It is, however, the first novel in a three-book series so you should not expect a complete all-bases-covered ending. If you are concerned about historical accuracy, Destefano writes a section at the end of this novel which delivers a lot of facts. As claimed, this novel is a re-imagining. This seems to be a good idea for aspiring writers who find it hard to start. Just take an actual event and spin it, something like politicians do every day.

From afar, historically, we don’t think of Mary Shelley as a person with writer’s block but that is what happened here. In this retelling, that has also happened to Percy and Byron. They, along with Claire and Doctor John soon have something more to worry about than the blank page. This is a short story, approximately ninety-eight pages, so it is difficult to write much without giving the story away. For fans of romance, look at the emotional and sexual tension between Mary and Percy, Mary and Byron, and Mary and John. Note the jealousy between Mary and Claire. I like the way Destefano describes these relationships. It is not overdone with restatements of the obvious.

For lovers of science, look at Dr. John’s experiments, especially as he explains them to Mary. Along with a look at Hydrophobia and the rather extreme measures taken with some of its patients, readers get a look into medicine as it was practiced (or believed in) at the time.

Those reading the original Frankenstein should find this an interesting companion piece. Straight from the title, it is a different perspective. I gave this four Amazon stars and will read more from this author. The novel sells at Amazon for USD 0.99.



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