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Demon Proofreading; Read the Bonus Book

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After reading any novel, I like to write a short review and then check other reviews either on Amazon or Goodreads. I am not always in agreement but I have never been so far off that I felt a need to change my comments. Demons by Perrin Briar changed my routine. My Kindle download of this novel has a very short story, Demons, that occupies only14% of the download. It is a very quick read that might take fifteen minutes to read. And it is very annoying. Demons is followed by a bonus read, Blood Memory, Book One, the first of a three-novel series. Blood Memory is good and is not at all annoying.

The idea of Demons is good. I agree with all reviewers who wrote the story was too short and they would like to see it more fleshed out. (No pun intended). It is a good story which will cause readers to reflect on schizophrenia. The presentation of Demons is a disaster. I reserved my blue highlighter for incorrect pronouns, grammar mistakes, and vocabulary mistakes. I have a lot of blue highlights. These were not editing mistakes. They were low-level proofreading mistakes. Any spell check/grammar check program would have identified the problem areas. By the time I got to Blood Memory, I felt there was no reason to read further and encounter more unprofessional exposition. For some reason, I continued and I am happy that I did.

Blood Memory describes the efforts of a small group of people to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. The known world did not survive a virus which spread unbelievably quickly but managed to skip our group of survivors because they were on a small yacht. But the yacht can never go home or land anywhere. Eventually, there will be a problem of food, water, fuel, and spare parts for the boat’s engine. The answer is to scavenge from other boats or try to make raids on land where the survivors might find food. The trick is not to become the food.

Relationship action takes place primarily on the yacht before the storm. We find out about the backstories of the six boat residents. They are not family. This part of the story is interesting as it presents individual character backgrounds and describes how they act as a group to solve recurring problems. There is an action element when a scavenging attempt is made on a passing ferry which is “occupied” if you believe the dead can be occupiers. It is in the third element, when the yacht encounters a storm, that the writing becomes very descriptive, good, and worth reading. The first two elements were an entertaining build up. I was amazed by the extremely detailed description of the survivor attempts to deal with mother nature.

If I were rating the novels separately, I would give Blood Memory five Amazon stars for its powerful descriptions. I will read further in the series. The first three books are USD 6.99 in a box set but I will use Kindle Unlimited to read it for free. I would give Demons one Amazon star because I do not believe there was even an attempt to proofread.

I will assign two Amazon stars to this overall presentation as a caution. If an author is going to write something good, as Briar did, why advertise it with something annoying?



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