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Naughty and Bad are Not the Same

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The Bad Bad by Bones Monroe is a very short story, a coffee break read for when nobody wants to talk to you during the community coffee break and you want to appear busy so that you don’t look like an abandoned person. The downside is someone might ask what you are reading. Monroe writes of twisty horror situations. Maybe you will be Monroe’s fan but you may not want to admit it.

The setting is a mental health facility that is so substandard it more resembles a prison. Rocco is a care provider/guard who is happy in his work. He considers torture and physical abuse an important part of his job. Sixteen-year-old Kris must be special, they built an entire wing for him. Supervisor Carl warned Rocco that there was to be minimal contact with Kris. Rocco took that as a challenge; he may have been jealous of the special status awarded Kris. Rocco could not talk with Kris at all. The only response Kris made to any situation was to say Bad  Bad … Bad Bad …(and so on). Rocco decided this was insolence that deserved physical beating. There was something unusual in the way Kris recovered from beatings. No matter the severity of the beating, Kris recovered in twenty-four hours. But Rocco could not go too far. Sometimes Mommy came to visit while Kris was still in recovery time. The woman stunned Rocco with her beauty and he didn’t want her to think of him as a child abuser.

Rocco and Maya Kringle got along well together during Rocco’s off time. She was reticent around men because of all the difficulties any suitor would eventually have with Kris. The romance was going well. Rocco should not have graphically described how well to Kris. Rocco should have known not to talk that way about someone’s mother.

Kris was just waiting for his chance. I gave this short story four Amazon stars. When Bones Monroe publishes something, I read it. I have not been disappointed yet. Short stories like this make Kindle Unlimited a good reading plan.



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