Tons of Profit

This is the first short story by Duane Lindsay in the Leroy/Kate Love Story series. Mississippi …Two Mississippi … is a “grifter” short story. Somewhere something extraordinary and borderline illegal will happen. In this short story, someone sells a battleship.

A Problem Indeed

Duane Lindsay starts off this installment with a few paragraphs of backstory from 1960 to 1965. The Nut Comes Off The Head Of The Joint begins in 1965. In 1960 the US elects a Catholic president in a very close election. In 1961 Leroy is present for the birth of his fourth son. In 1962 Special Agent Winslow Petrie thinks he is closing in on Leroy and “fast Kate.” In 1963 Kate graduated from High School. In 1964 Leroy and Kate decide to sell a dinosaur. This story, set in 1965, begins.

What the Dickens?

On the title page, not the cover, of Ebenezer by Duncan Ralston readers will find the following information: it is a Noir Crime Thriller and it is based on characters created by Charles Dickens. The 169-novelette published in 2018 is based on A Christmas Carol. And here is where assumptions can lead a reader astray. The cover is interesting with its hint of superspy 007. Just like one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, relying on the first few pages alone is also not reliable. In the first few pages, Ebenezer Scrooge and Marley appear as serious adversaries. My first reaction was Duncan Ralston endeavored to overcome writer’s block by choosing a classic to twist and bend a bit in pursuit of a mildly entertaining read. There is a lot more to this story than that. And it is more than mildly entertaining.

Celebrities and Cons

It is 1961 in the world of Leroy and Kate as Duane Lindsay describes the couple’s latest adventure in Scotch Before Breakfast, Pearls Before Swine. Before getting to 1961, Lindsay explains that in 1954 Leroy went back to his first wife Adele, a woman he had accidentally impregnated sometime before he met his soulmate, Kate. Leroy’s interest in visiting Adele is to visit his sick son, George, the product of the accidental coupling. During the visit, there is another accidental meeting between Adele that will result in a third child. The reader is left to wonder about the existence of a second child. And where did the fourth one come from? The reader will be as confused as Leroy.

Medical Thriller Without The Thrills


I should have known better when I saw this blurb on the front cover of Inconclusive Evidence by Reily Garret: “A Romantic Thriller.” Somehow, the written invitational summary of the book convinced me this novel would focus on a legal thriller theme and there would be non-subtle hints of a romantic situation along the way. In fact, there is little of a legal thriller in this novel. Instead there many unrealistic coincidental situations disguised behind supposedly possible scientific description set in an overplayed almost sexual romantic non-thriller.

Bullwinkle Reflects

This is short story number four in the Meantime Stories series by Svingen and Pedersen. What does the series title…

Grifting for Social Justice

By its title, The Grifter’s Daughter by Duane Lindsay implies that I will discover some cool relationship between the daughter, Dani, and the father, Pops Logan. Further, both Dani and Logan will be grifters. (The following is not a spoiler). The reader will learn very little about the father in this novel. Lindsay only describes Logan’s character in passing. This novel is part of a series so perhaps we will learn more about Logan in later parts of the series. The novel has a subtitle: “The Dani Silver Comic Thriller #1.” I found the humor quirky and lighthearted. This is a pleasant read about elaborate schemes perpetrated in the name of social justice. The only people to lose money are those that cheated other people for financial gain. Dani and her crew have a lot of fun while following deceptive, if not illegal, actions. I received this book through a combination of Instafreebie and the author’s website. There was no obligation in any way to submit a review.

Marital Con

In this third story by Duane Lindsay about Leroy and Kate, It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody’s Married, the couple shows up in Nebraska. Gone are the illusions that everything is honest in the Midwest of the US. Set in 1953, the couple seems to be keeping a period of four years between each “big” con.

Ignore this? I can’t. (Not A Book Review)

The following is something I wanted to reblog from Kat Myrman. For some reason I can not just use a reblog button on her (or anyone else’s) blog. This is a cut and paste work around.

Some issues are impossible for me to ignore. As an immigrant blogger (German) with a family that comes from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia; I feel lucky that almost all of my family avoided these problems. Only one of my daughters was born in the US. It was a different time in America. (For this post only, I define America as the US; I understand the differences by definition between the two.) I (German) was the only one to get caught up in policy contradictions but it was long ago and the way to resolution was clear.

The Ethics of Deceit

The Red-Hot Yellow Bugatti by Duane Lindsay is the second in a series of the Leroy/Kate Love stories. Kate, a…