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A Thorne In The Side

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I like the writing style of Neil Mosspark. His Amazon author page lists several works and I became acquainted with his short stories through Tales from the Mosspark Universe volumes One, Two, and Three. Each of those volumes, like The Thorne Inc. Files is a collection of short stories. Files has four short stories in a Kindle publication of 526 locations (not pages) so it is a fast read of very short stories. Files devotes itself to the story of Olivia Thorne during three phases of her life; a street urchin, a mercenary, and a private detective. I had read the first story in Mosspark Universe but I have only read one of those volumes so I knew I would read three short stories new to me.

The writing is tight and concise. Olivia’s character could not have been more developed in a short story format. She is truly a badass almost ninja-like character in all three phases of her life. By reading four short stories I could see how her character developed in her three chronological stages. Olivia lives and works in a dystopian world where Toronto as we know it was destroyed. There are no-go zones and an abandoned zone. There is the Black Dome. There are competing street gangs foraging for food and shelter. There are no vampires, zombies, or werewolves. Good. For readers who might think characters are not developed enough, this is still a good read because Mosspark describes the settings so well. For Techies, there is a short story, Test Flight, that will make you wish you paid more attention in high school science classes.

This novel, the three from Universe, and Infected (Book One from the Sand Fall trilogy—160 pages) are on sale from Amazon for USD 0.99. His other, longer novels are USD 2.99. I believe the four short story collections work well in a good marketing strategy for Mosspark. With this kind of excellent writing, I will spend more on his longer works. I gave The Thorne Inc. Files five Amazon stars in passing as I move on to Infected.


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