Delilah’s Friends

Slash by Jason Messina is a short story I downloaded from Instafreebie. Not listed on Amazon, it does appear on Goodreads. Goodreads lists it as a 20-page Kindle edition short story. It is supposed to be the first in a series of short stories with a twist. It was published in October 2017 and was supposed to begin the OctoberWorld series. I have not been able to find any other books in the series.

Except for the annoying typeface, I found this very short story entertaining. A group of seven friends plans an outing in the woods. Delilah is the only female and she has hooked up with Brad and Terry before. Delilah is thinking about hooking up with our unnamed narrator.

The setting is a cabin in the woods. There is the ominous sound of someone in boots stalking the group. Phones have either been forgotten in cars or are running out of charge. It doesn’t matter because there is no signal. The cabin, of course, has no radio or telephone. The killer has already struck. Survivors have run and escaped from their campsites to the safety of the cabin. Should they try a breakout at night or wait until dawn? And exactly where is the killer?

A short story of this length and at a free price might occupy the reader through a medium Starbucks coffee. Caffeine and horror; it doesn’t get much better. I gave this story three Amazon stars for the annoying and uneven font. It appeared as if the story had been typed on a Selectric model typewriter with a ribbon that had outlived its usefulness.


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